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How We Hire

Making Your Journey as Smooth as Possible

At Frontier, we strive to enhance the lives of our customers by providing what they need to succeed—now and in the future. The same principle applies to our hiring process. We want each candidate to feel valued, engaged, informed and inspired, which is why we’ve made our hiring process as convenient as our products and services.

Moving Forward Is as Easy as 1-2-3

  • 1. Apply

    You’ve discovered your ideal position. Here’s what to know in advance.

    Resume Writing

    Your resume should be like a great short story: honest, intriguing, and to the point. Tips include:

    • Less is more: If you have less than 10 years of experience, try to keep it to one page. Otherwise, feel free to elaborate to some degree, but focus on what matters most to the position and organization.
    • Simple wins: If your resume is well organized and easy to read, you’ve already made our job easier.
    • Show us your fit: Tailor your application to match the criteria of the job description.
    • Prove your experience: Include real-life projects that translate to our goals. These can be professional or school-related if they correlate to our work.
    • Highlight leadership qualities: Emphasize your ability to inspire and motivate others to team success, and include the results.
  • 2. Interview

    Here’s how to proceed with confidence.

    A Few Pointers

    To make the best impression, just be yourself: the talented, innovative, future-focused person whose resume attracted the Frontier team to you.

    Depending on the opportunity you seek and where you are in the process, your interview may take place on-site or via phone. You may speak with one or more individuals, depending on the role. If you happen to be applying for a tech-related role, you may be asked to complete an assignment related to your skills. And some sales/leadership interviews may include a request that you complete a presentation or another type of assignment.

    Regardless of how yours is conducted, here are the key things to remember.

    For Both On-Site and Phone Interviews
    • Advanced preparation: Discover as much as you can about Frontier Communications and the opportunity of interest. Think about the best way to present your experience, qualifications, and education relevant to the job you’re seeking.
    • Interview tactics: Make sure we know you’re really interested by acting like it—with your words, gestures, and enthusiasm. Explain what makes you a great fit, and don’t be afraid to ask questions—because, in a way, you’re interviewing us as well.
    • Assessments: Depending on your role, Frontier may conduct additional assessments to better measure your eligibility as a candidate. This may include a live/real-time test of your abilities to handle specific responsibilities. If this is a part of your hiring experience, we urge you to relax, focus and complete the task to the best of your ability.
    • At the conclusion: Once it’s winding down, be sure to ask what happens next. If you meet our criteria, you’ll receive (within a reasonable amount of time) a response explaining additional interview times/dates.
    More Tips for Phone Interviews
    • Check the reliability of your service connection and power source well in advance.
    • Choose an interview space that is quiet and distraction-free.
    • Have what you need close at hand, including notes and questions.
    • Wait 10 minutes or so for us to call before contacting us.
  • 3. Decide

    We have a choice to make. If all goes well, so do you.

    We May Make an Offer

    What happens next is up to us—and you. Our talent acquisition team will review your resume, interview results, and other factors that may apply, including the results of technical projects completed during your scheduled session if you’re a technology and/or engineering candidate. If we determine that you’re the best fit, we’ll make an offer, and hopefully welcome you to the team.

    What You Can Expect

    The details of your offer depend upon the type of position for which you’ve applied. Some positions, such as sales and enterprise sales, may include base salary plus commissions and/or bonuses, while others may consist of a competitive salary. And many positions include a package of benefits designed to enhance your life at work and outside of it.