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Early Careers

Why Frontier

Embrace the challenge:
Shape your future and make an impact.

We’re Building Gigabit America—the digital infrastructure our country needs to succeed for generations to come. Join us on our journey.

Start Here: Early Career & Internship Opportunities

Working at Frontier will inspire you to expand your thinking beyond the typical early career or internship. This is your opportunity to lead and innovate in a transformative environment. We offer opportunities across our business where you can approach work with an entrepreneurial mindset—think a “start-up” in a large company. If you want the opportunity to shape the future, Frontier is the place for you.

Search early careers & internship opportunities

The backbone of our organization, and of our continued success, is the popularity of our exceptional fiber-optic internet network. You can help us position this unique service to consumers by defining who they are and what drives their decision-making in order to leverage the appropriate value proposition. Evaluating specific geographic areas and determining which solutions will be most appropriate, you can also assist our Marketing team in providing additional, value-added services most fitting for local lifestyles.

Finance & Strategy

While we build Gigabit America today, we rely on our finance and strategy teams to meet the challenges of tomorrow—and you can do the same. Whether helping us secure debt to fund our fiber construction projects or identifying joint-venture opportunities to better serve our customers through cost-effective services, your talent and ambition can have meaningful, long-term impact. Embark on our quest to unlock value for Frontier and for our customers.

Customer Care

As we continue to evolve our organization and shape Gigabit America, our core principle remains unwavering: Our dedication to enhancing the customer journey. This commitment can be kept with fresh and innovative avenues as we fuse exceptional interpersonal abilities with ingenious solutions that meet the diverse demands of our clientele. As a member of our Customer Care team, you too can contribute to this transformative pursuit.


What will fiber-optic internet and related solutions be capable of five years in the future? Perhaps you will arrive at the answer to this intriguing question. Leveraging the industry’s most advanced resources, you’ll be part of a team that continues to reinvent services for customers throughout the nation. Imagine the many ways you can help transform Frontier from a respected telecom to a tech giant with big ideas.


Frontier is at the forefront of fiber tech innovation, and we invite you to take us even further ahead. We’re uniting software, mechanical, and electrical engineering professionals into diverse, cross-functional teams that drive technological advancements—and sustain satisfying careers. We endeavor to introduce such impactful solutions as chatbots and automated processes through the use of data, cutting-edge technologies, and AI. Join us in crafting products and applications that enhance national connectivity for our employees as well as our customers.

What sets our internships apart

Frontier is redefining the traditional internship program. See why our interns gave us a 95% rating across the board on the quality of the experience, project work, and support teams.

Intern 1

We offer Employee Impact Groups (EIGs) that give our teammates a strong sense of community—including GigaGen, which is dedicated to generational diversity and professional growth for early-career talent.

Intern 2

We’re a company that is great in all ways: A leading fiber-tech company with a promising future; great career opportunities that offer meaningful work; great leaders who are thoughtful, collaborative, and responsible; and great rewards.

Intern 3

84% of our interns said they feel a sense of belonging here, and 100% said they would return to work at Frontier.

Intern 4

We’ve earned an 89 NPS (Net Promoter Score), which puts us ahead of our competitors in the tech field.

Intern 5

At Frontier, you’re a part of a bigger purpose—Building Gigabit America. We’re creating a more inclusive and equitable future by helping people across the country access the digital society.

Intern 6

We are transforming our business from the inside out, and you have an opportunity to shape our future. We offer meaningful work with great rewards. 100% of our interns said they would return to work at Frontier.

Frontier has earned its place among the Top 50 Small Early Career Programs in the country. This prestigious award is granted to companies that embrace innovative recruiting strategies, prioritize the candidate experience, make substantial investments in diversity and inclusion (D&I), and actively support the next generation of talent through impactful internships and entry-level programs.

Benefits, Values, and DEI

Learn more about why our interns choose to join us for full-time roles

Our Values Our Culture Our Benefits Our DEI Commitment
Meet Our People

What is it like to intern or build an early career with Frontier?

Hear what our past interns have to say about their experience at Frontier.

Summer interns explain: “How I’m building Gigabit America”:

“I hope to make a difference at Frontier by helping to create an environment where employees feel comfortable being their authentic selves. If employees feel accepted and are knowledgeable about different cultures and backgrounds, then they will be better equipped to bring our purpose of Building Gigabit America to life.”

Jackson Gordwin

2023 Summer Intern

"I want to make a difference at Frontier by bringing a fresh, new pair of eyes to the table and scouting out problems that need to be solved. The more problems we address, the more effective we are in Building Gigabit America."

Rose Hami

2023 Summer Intern

"I've been working on the Grant Administration team as a Strategy Intern. At Frontier, I've learned that no question is too dumb and that it's important to ask questions early before it's too late. Don't be afraid to speak up if you're confused!"

William Fan

2023 Summer Intern

“This summer, I’ve been using data and analytics to better understand customer decision making. My project has been awesome because it is giving me a great look inside key priorities of Frontier!”

Emily Sanchez

2023 Summer Intern

"For my internship, I am assisting with Frontier's transformation through Broadband for Good. I hope to make a difference here by showcasing that Frontier is a socially responsible company."

Bri Anderson-Yankson

2023 Summer Intern

Intern Advice:

Interview for Success

Who better to provide interview tips for interns than individuals who have employed specific strategies to earn an internship with Frontier? We spoke to several interns who kindly explained what to do before, during, and after your interview.

  • Before the interview
    • Research the company. Explore their website and LinkedIn page to understand what the company is accomplishing and how you can contribute.
    • Research the interviewer. Do you know who will be conducting the interview? Look them up on LinkedIn to learn more about their background.
    • Decide what you want out of the internship. Write down the top three things you want to gain from your experience, and the top three areas where you want to make an impact.
    • Use the STAR method. Review commonly asked interview questions and write your responses using the situation-task-action-result (STAR) method.
    • Analyze the job description. Develop examples of how your experience relates to each bullet point using the STAR method. If you don’t have direct experience, develop a response for how you would approach the task.
    • List your accomplishments. Be sure to quantify your accomplishments with concrete details: “I led my student group through the activation of a university-wide volunteering event, donating 250 pounds of food to the underserved.”
    • Practice your interview with someone else or record yourself and watch the playback to see how you come across.
    • Dress for success. Select attire that matches the dress code provided by the employer.
    • Learn about the different types of interview questions.
      • Behavior interview questions contain a hypothetical scenario from the interviewer for you to answer. Study the most impactful experiences of your career to answer behavioral interview questions effectively.
      • Situational interview questions focus on how you’ll handle real-life scenarios in the workplace and how you’ve handled similar situations in previous roles.
    • Prepare a virtual or physical portfolio of your work to show your employer, mainly if you apply for a technical or creative internship. Explain what you learned from classroom assignments, volunteer opportunities, and other assignments.
  • During the interview
    • Arrive early. Whether your interview is virtual or in-person, this will help you feel more relaxed. Account for driving time and parking if your interview is in-person and have a backup plan for your internet if your interview is virtual.
    • Take a notebook. You can reference some notes or write down specific details the interviewer mentions during your interview. Having a notebook on hand shows your attention to detail.
    • Highlight your skills. Talk about relevant skills and milestones that apply to the position when the interviewer asks you questions.
    • Ask questions. At the end of the interview, ask the hiring manager questions about the position, culture, and team to prove that you’ve studied the position.
    • Know what to do after the interview. Who should you follow up with? Is there paperwork that you need to complete? Clarify next steps before leaving the interview.
    • Thank the interviewer. Regardless of the outcome, tell the interviewer you appreciate their time and consideration. This shows true professionalism.
  • After the interview
    • Send a thank you note 24 to 48 hours after you speak with the hiring manager.
    • Reiterate your interest in the role and what you learned from their responses to your questions.

Why we stay

Learn why interns choose to stay with Frontier after they complete the internship program.

Internship Program FAQs

What years do you consider for the internship program?

We consider sophomores, juniors and graduate students for the internship program.

Is the plan to hire interns into full-time positions upon graduation?

Yes, the internship program is a pipeline for our full-time roles. Hiring decisions are based on business needs and the intern’s performance during the internship.

What are the application requirements for the internship program?

Each position will have a detailed job description, so please check out the postings on the careers site.

Additional Questions


Start your own transformation journey. Apply today.

You’ve heard from our interns and early career team members. Are you ready to take the next step?

Join our team and help us create the future. Apply for an internship or a career opportunity!

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